Brew style of the week: POUR OVER

Brew style of the week: POUR OVER

What you need:
Ground coffee (finely ground)
Coffee Dripper
Paper Cone Filter

Step 1: Pour cold water into the kettle (around 650 ml) Boil water, remove from heat and let cool or 45 seconds.

Step 2: Place Dripper on mug. Porcelain droppers are highly recommended as they retain heat.

Step 3: Place filter inside the dripper. Rinse the paper filter and mug by poring boiling water over the filter. This helps to preheat the dripper and mug while also removing any paper taste.

Step 4: Add freshly ground coffee into the filter. 25-30 grams (approximately 2 tablespoons per serving)

Step 5: Pour water slowly into the centre and then outwards towards the edges in a circular motion to evenly wet all the grounds. Allow 30 seconds for the grounds to bloom before continuing.

Step 6: ENJOY!